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I’m Alex Smith, The Positive Puppy Trainer, and I work with puppies up to 12 months old, delivering online and in-person puppy planning, puppy parties, puppy classes and private training.

All my training is positive and reward-based. I never use fear, force or pain when working with your pup, and I’d never advise you to either. My online shop has a selection of tried and tested treats, chews, toys and equipment to help you train your puppy with kindness and respect.

Whether you are brand new to puppy ownership or simply want support with a specific issue, you’re in the right place. Have a look around my site, get to know me a little better and let’s work together to give your puppy the best start in life…

Customers reviews

What people say?

We cannot recommend Alex enough! Before getting Louie we had a consultation with her about some of the things we should prepare for and expect when getting a puppy, particularly helpful considering there is a mixture of information online when doing your research. The puppy school taught us a lot about Louie and how to train a puppy properly, we feel we all learned a lot in the process. It was also fun and engaging! We're excited to do more training with Alex in the future.
Great learning for both Louie and ourselves. Alex was really friendly and approachable making the sessions fun. We’re so glad we attended as it focused our efforts on puppy training and helped create a better bond between us and our new pup. Highly recommend.
We had such a lovely time at Puppy School with Ernie, our labradoodle. Alex is fabulous at teaching dog owners how to build a positive relationship with their puppy, helping to secure a bond that will last a lifetime. We learnt so much on the course to try give Ernie the best start in life. Alex is extremely knowledgable, friendly with owners & pups & down to earth making it easier to learn.